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Sunstone Rose Petal Tea
Sunstone Rose Petal Tea
Sunstone Rose Petal Tea

Sunstone Rose Petal Tea

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Hand-Made Bookish Tea

The Sunstone tea is inspired by the amazing sunstone mountains in the territory of the Dawn Court. It holds the appeal of the sunrise along with the promise of a better tomorrow. 


Add the perfect touch of whimsy to your photos, tea and drinks! 


Each bottle contains enough tea for a maximum of 5 traditional teacups (if not mixed with other tea)


Each bottle of tea is completely organic, natural and without any preservatives. Every leaf/petal/flower is washed by hand, hand-picked and sorted, dried in-house and prepped by the Idle team.


Although in-site indicates that we have 15 on stock every time, each order is only prepared to dry once order is placed. Which means we never really have 15 in stock. We only add the in the number of stocks available as a “good luck” part of our business. 15 is our lucky number.


Each bottle will last up to 6 months. (After that, we recommend you keep these for aesthetics instead)


Please drink tea in moderation. And before mixing with any other types of drinks please do research if it is safe enough to do so and will not trigger any health issues with you particularly since every body is different but Idle teas should mix nicely with black tea.


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