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One True Pairings: Malec Shadowhunters Magnetic Bookmark

One True Pairings: Malec Shadowhunters Magnetic Bookmark

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Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane are one of the best and swooniest couples ever to grace a book. When Magnus finally fell for Alec, it was beautiful and perfect. He went through a lot of pain because he hadn't had enough time to process his feelings yet—but when he finally did come around and realized that he loved Alec back? It felt like fireworks in our hearts!
Journey into the Shadowhunter world with one of the best couples to ever come out of the series! Spend the day with Malec by adding the One True Pairings: Malec Shadowhunters Magnetic Bookmark to your cart NOW!

Our Advocacy

Life is too short to spend it with boring and plain bookmarks. Bring your favorite characters to life with these magnetic bookmarks by IdleStuff! 


We believe that handmade quality can’t be matched. So it is our vision to provide book dragons, book lovers, and major book worms all over the world premium magnetic bookmarks for a decent price.

Our handcrafted premium reading buddies are printed on water and scratch resistant paper using vivid inks. You’ll love the vibrant colors that make it look like the characters will live out their stories at any moment.


Here’s more to love with our magnetic bookmarks:

🐉 Snappy and strong magnets that won’t damage your book.

🐉 Perfect for keeping tabs on journals, planners, bu-jos, and notebooks!

🐉 Serves as eye-catching décor for your bookshelves.

🐉 The best gift for bookworms and anyone you want to encourage to read.


  • Water and scratch resistant satin photo paper.
  • Hand-cut magnet sheets.
  • Non-toxic glue.


Our magnetic bookmarks are roughly 1.5" tall.

Care information

Our reading buddies are incredibly easy to care for! Here's how you can keep them battle-ready:

  • wipe down with a soft cloth (preferrably the ones used to clean prescription lenses).
  • store away from direct contact to water and sunlight.
  • if your reading buddies get a little dirty, or if you notice that they've lost their shine, pat them down with a wet wipe, allow to dry, and they'll be good as new!
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