Hi book dragons! Welcome to our little shop! Stroll around for great deals!
Hi book dragons! Welcome to our little shop! Stroll around for great deals!
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Hocus Pocus "I Cast a Spell On You" Book Sleeve

Hocus Pocus "I Cast a Spell On You" Book Sleeve

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"I cast a spell on you, and now you're mine."


This Hocus Pocus inspired book sleeve is the perfect companion for keeping your spellbooks safe. Pre-order the book sleeve now until October 15th  to have your book sleeve shipped by the first week of November. 


Keep your books in your sleeve—LITERALLY. Did you know book sleeves prevent books from getting damaged 100% of the time? This is a great solution for you if you like to keep several notebooks, books, and other sensitive items on your person at all times. 

Our "Oubliettes" are designed to protect your precious books in style!

Delta Oubliette - 8 by 6 inches, fits most 7-inch e-readers

Gamma Oubliette - 9 by 7 inches, fits standard US paperbacks

Beta Oubliette - 10.5 by 8 inches, fits standard US hardcovers

Alpha Oubliette - 12 by 10 inches, fits most large US hardcovers

Our pre-order Hocus Pocus "I Cast a Spell on You" book sleeves are subject to a few final changes in the design such as: 

  • Re-sizing and re-centering of the font
  • A modified inner lining design
  • The addition of an IdleStuff label

Disclaimer: The designed portrayed in this photo is not final. This is only a porotype, but the final design will be similar, it will only have a few minor modifications. 

▪️ Read, plan and properly rep your fandom with Idle Stuff for book dragons ▪️

--Magnetic Bookmarks--

  • Size: 5.2”
  • Weight: 4g
  • Materials used: satin photo paper, dye inks, glue and hand cut magnets.
  • Scratch and water resistant! 


  • Mini Size: 1”
  • Regular Size: 2”
  • Large Size: 3”
  • Weight: 4g
  • Materials: sticker paper, dye ink

--Soy Candles--

  • Sizes: 50g and 100g
  • Weight: 60g and 120g
  • Ingredients: aluminum tin, sticker, soy wax, essential/fragrance oil, colorants, wick and sustainer tabs.
  • 100% Sustainable Vegan and Cruelty-Free Hand-Poured Soy Candles.


  • Orders begin the  shipping process every Sunday after your order is placed. It will take about 7 days for your orders to reach our shipping facility once forwarded. Once you receive a tracking email, it should take 15 business days to reach you (excluding weekends and holidays).

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