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I'm a big book dragon. But there are times when I find it really hard to connect with the synopsis or the cover of the book—enough to make me want to really dive into it!

This is where magnetic bookmarks have helped me—and hundreds of other bookworms. Character magnetic bookmarks help readers connect with the characters even before they flip to the first page of your book!

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Our Process

We like to focus our energy on making sure every single one of the reading buddies that you send out are top-quality. And yet, we also don't compromise on timelines. We've developed a system that allows us to deliver reading buddies quickly while guaranteeing that each one arrives safe and sound to your readers.

  • 1. Research

    We start by discussing your goals for each character in great detail. We need as much information as possible to ensure that our in-house artist is able to properly portray the attitude and uniqueness of each character.

  • 2. Drawing

    Once we have everything we need, our artist starts sketching the outline of each reading buddy. When the outlines are approved, we move on to inking and coloring. Remember, we don't print anything out unless you're 100% happy with the artwork! This process takes about 1-2 weeks max depending on the number of characters and revisions requested.

  • 3. Printing & Cutting

    At this point, our reading buddies are brought into the world. Printing and cutting takes about 7 days max depending on the quantity ordered.

  • 4. Assembly and Packing

    It's all hands on deck from this point. We assemble each magnetic bookmark carefully by hand and inspect them through every point of the process. They get shined 3 times before they're packed away safely in our mini tear-away envelopes before being boxed together for sipping. This process takes about 1-3 weeks to complete.

  • 5. Shipping & Delivery

    Last but not the least, we ship your reading buddies! Our partners are FedEx and DHL, and take about 2-6 weeks to deliver to your warehouse or doorstep depending on the shipping option you choose.

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Our Rates

We value your business, and we know how important it is to meet your bottom line. Our rates are as follows. However, we're always open to discussion if you're working under a budget.

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Shipping rates may vary depending on the quantity of your order. However, our rates start at $100 for express shipping of up to 299 bookmarks. We offer free shipping for orders over 300 magnetic bookmarks.

Artist's Fees

Our in-house artist charges $50 per character artwork. This includes front and back design, as well as the rights to your artwork. The only caveat is that you can not use the artwork to manufacture or order magnetic bookmarks elsewhere.

50-299 Pieces

For quantities under 300 magnetic bookmarks, we charge $1 for each reading buddy.

300-500 Pieces

For 300 to 500 magnetic bookmarks, we charge $0.90 for each reading buddy.

501+ Pieces

For quantities over 500 magnetic bookmarks, we charge $0.81 for each reading buddy.

Who We've Worked With

Since setting up shop in 2015, we've been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with some of the best book subscription boxes, authors and publishers in the industry! Here's some of our best work:

  • FairyLoot

    We worked closely with Anissa and her team to create these adorable magnetic bookmarks inspired by Stephanie Garber's Caraval series. These magical reading buddies were featured in their Finale Special Edition Box in 2018.

    Head to FairyLoot 
  • Elise Kova

    One of the most successful self-published writers today, Elise Kova has captured many hearts with her fantasy series: Air Awakens. These magnetic bookmarks were designed by the amazing C. J. Merwild and features characters from her new hit series: Deal with the Elf King.

    Check Out Elise Kova Books 
  • Rivka Publishing

    Rivka is a French publication adamant on publishing unique YA stories! We worked closely with Milena to craft this whimsical magnetic bookmark of Prosperine: one of the very first characters to make her debut with the company.

    Head to Rivka 

Why Work With Us?

Quality Guaranteed

Our quality assurance process is lengthy to say the least. We check each bookmark through every stage from printing down to packing, you can bet that we rarely miss a speck of imperfection.

Handmade with Love

Each of our reading buddies are hand made with love! They're more than just a piece of paper holding your place in a book. Each of them have their personalities and you'll feel it the moment you lay your eyes on them!

Competitive Pricing

Whether you plan on selling your magnetic bookmarks or just sending them out as a thank you gift to your audience, these magnetic bookmarks come at a reasonable price. We believe in encouraging the value of reading. If you're working with a budget, let us know and we're happy to accomodate you!