Soy Candles

Soy candles sure are lovely but they can also be incredibly hazardous; as is always with things that require fire. While Idle disclaims any claims to damages in the event that our candles are involved in accidents when improper handling and care is the reason, here are some things you should remember to avoid any unwanted losses.


  • Trim your wick regularly before and after use. We always suggest you keep the wick trimmed to the original size it’s in when shipped to you which is about 1/4 of an inch.
  • Always let your candle burn long enough for it to melt all the way to its sides. This will make sure that you do not create a hole in the middle of your candle for your next session and avoid pooling.
  • Do not burn your candles unattended. Ever. Especially near flammable objects like a curtain or your books (oh gosh the horror!)
  • While it is always lovely to take photos of candles while they are in action, please only light them after you have positioned them correctly. This will ensure that accidents like the candle falling over and anything catching on fire can be avoided. 
  • Do not leave your candles burning on top of something that isn’t heat resistant. Glass can break and the candle’s container can reach high temperatures when left to burn for a long time. 
  • Always express caution when handling the candles. It will get hot and fire is lovely but also deadly.


That’s it! We would also like to add that if in case you have candles that have craftstore glitter in or on top of them to please do not light them. There isn’t much awareness on the hazard of lighting heavily glittered candles. But glitter is usually just pretty plastic. It’s hazardous to the emviroment and your health to let it burn and also they feed the fire. They have a tendency to make the fire uncontrollably huge. 


Burn your candles responsibly.