Magnetic Bookmark Care

Some of you may be worried about little things like your bookmarks getting sticky from day to day handling, or you’d like them to revert back to their original shine. 

Our bookmarks are very versatile and are relatively easy to take care of. Given the right kind of care, your reading buddies will last you a VERY long time. 


Some things to remember: 


  • the new satin material for the bookmarks is water-resistant and is more scratch-resistant than our original material. 
  • Do not be afraid to use them! While they might look a bit fragile, they have been tested to be worn and transferred to different pages repeatedly. They will last you multiple sessions of reading.


That said, here are some tips to help keep them in pristine shape:


  • Polish with a soft cloth meant for reading glasses at least once a day when stored in open air. Due to the light fastness of the ink used, certain weather or exposure to extreme, heat, humidity, and moisture may change the quality or vividness of the print.
  • When the bookmarks acquire some dirt/glue residue/etc. Please take a small, soft, smooth cloth and dampen it (please remove the excess water by wringing it accordingly) and wipe across the whole surface of your bookmark. 
  • To avoid discoloration, please make sure you wipe the entire surface of the bookmark itself instead of just the area that needs cleaning.
  • While the bookmarks are water-resistant, they are not as resistant to alcohol, so please avoid rubbing/dripping alcohol on them. 


Your reading buddies are meant to last you many reading sessions and will last as long as the fae of Wendlyn. Make sure you give them the proper care as you would any book. Our best suggestion for storage is to keep them in a clean, dry space away from direct humidity. A small box or container is best. 


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