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Oh Merde—Nothing Ever Goes According to Plan!

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I was given the opportunity to review Grim Lovelies early last year and ever since I closed the ARC, I've been waiting impatiently for the next one!


Disclaimer: This review is NOT spoiler free! For the spoiler-free version, please check it out on:


I've been in a reading slump for the better part of this year and like last year, Megan Shepherd has pulled me out of it only to drop me into another slump after reading Midnight Beauties!


Midnight Beauties is a fun, light-hearted but high-stakes read. I found that it was the perfect book if you're looking for a light read with heavy messages and something filled with magic and all the cuteness of animals-turned-human.


I loved the dynamic between the beasties but perhaps what saddened me the most was that Viggo was never shown full acceptance in the group. It also saddens me that we didn't get to see him address Hunter Black's feelings for him before he saved their lives. 


The beasties have become a tight knit family in this book and despite reservations for Hunter Black in the first book, we catch glimpses of him become a grumpy and loveable character in this one. Which is probably the reason why he's my favorite character throughout the book.


I love how nothing seemingly goes right for Anouk except for her plans at the end. Even then, I'm not sure she's made the right choice. I am a little sad that Anouk was turned into a witch. By what I gathered, she was incredibly strong as a beastie. She was created to surpass witches in terms of them not being held back by the Vitae Echo—on that note, I was also incredibly confused while reading regarding the Vitae Echo's effect on her. From my understanding, witches and even the Royals are subject to the consequences of the Vitae Echo so it must be somehow tied to the kind of magic they use and going by that logic, once she turned into a witch, she should have been subject to it as well regardless of her being a beastie.


However, what does disturb me the most was that she did not need to focus her strength on becoming a witch at all, she could perform every spell in the world and still have access to magic, she just needed more essences to consume. Her obsession with becoming a witch ultimately led to all the delays in saving her friends. But I could be wrong and I might just be missing something.


Confusion aside, I still loved the book mainly because I wanted to read more about Anouk and her journey. The characters were all loveable and fun to read about. The dynamic between the characters is incredibly nice to see and is something that definitely kept me wanting to read more about them.


At some part of the story, Anouk lost her magic. Which is incredibly tragic and definitely had me wanting answers. Which is a great thing to have because I was definitely expecting her not to fail and come back as a witch the first way around. It was a pleasant surprise which kept me wanting to read faster but did not make me skip through sentences at all! 


On another note, the romance aspect was quite confusing for me which is great, I felt like I completely connected with Anouk and could feel how she was feeling. I felt slightly guilty about completely forgetting about Beau in some instances and being swept away with Rennar's sweet words and gestures. 


In conclusion, this book is perfect for those trying to get into the fantasy world or is caught in between switching genres. It has a great atmosphere and is beautifully written throughout. The love story aspect of it wasn't too overbearing and gives off just the right bit of frustration a reader needs to keep a story interesting. 


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


For a full on chat about this book, check out my IGTV channel: to be uploaded on April 11, 2019! 






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