Can Magnetic Bookmarks Boost Readership? A Study

Can Magnetic Bookmarks Boost Readership? A Study

We all have that one book on our shelves that we're not interested in reading. You might not even know why you're avoiding it—you don't feel like it's worth your time. 

But what if we told you there was a way to make reading feel more rewarding and fun with magnetic bookmarks?


A Study of Bookworms

We decided to conduct a study featuring 100 local bookworms ready to take on their next read but were having trouble getting started. 

We asked the participants to pick out a book they'd been putting off reading or ones they didn't seem interested in, and then we presented them with a magnetic bookmark of the main character in the book they picked. 

Some of these books were considered part of a ‘phase.’ They wanted fandom merch, but when they grew out of it, they put it aside. 

Can magnetic bookworms boost readership?

What is Sentimental Value?

Sentimental value is your emotional attachment to particular objects, people, or events. In other words, it's what makes you feel good about an object and want to keep it around for longer than necessary.

The human mind is very complex; even though we're not always aware of what makes us feel good, our emotions can often be a driving force behind our actions.


How Books Change Lives

How books change lives

Books can change lives in many ways. For example, it may help people find their true passion in life or give them a new perspective on the world around them.

Books have created strong bonds between people who read them together—whether they're friends, family members, or even strangers! Bookish merchandise can build connections and healthy relationships.


Using Small Tools to Value Books More

Magnetic bookmarks are a great way to show your love of books and their importance in our lives. Not only do they provide you with a place to mark your place, but they also help you show how much you value the book itself!

Magnetic bookmarks are also great because they're unusual, which means people will see them and be curious about what they are.


Increasing the Motivation to Read Using Magnetic Bookmarks

Shadow and Bone magnetic bookmarks

One of the best ways to increase your motivation to read is by using small tools that make it easier. 

Magnetic bookmarks are one such tool because they give you a place to mark your page, making it easier for you to find where you left off when you're ready to read again!

Using magnetic bookmarks can also help motivate people around you who might be interested in reading more but aren't sure where to start. 

A customized magnetic bookmark is a great way to introduce the idea of reading more to people and show them that it can be fun and easy.

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