Books To Help You Heal This 2023

Books To Help You Heal This 2023

We're all hurting, and we all need a little help getting through it. From helping you find the words to say to someone who's suffering, to helping you cope with your own pain, these books will be there for you. Books are a great way to escape the stress and anxiety of your everyday life. But with so many books out there, it can be hard to find one that's truly healing.

The new year is a time for renewal and re-evaluation. We make resolutions, we look back on the past year, and we plan for the future. It's a time to reflect on what worked, what didn't work, and where you want to go from here. In this blog post, we're going to share with you some of our favorite books that can help you escape into another world and heal from the trauma of 2022!


The Strength in Our Scars By Bianca Sparacino

The Strength in Our Scars

When it comes to self-love and healing, Bianca Sparacino is the expert. Her book The Strength in Our Scars will teach you everything you need to know about understanding your wounds and growing from them. In this book, you'll learn how to overcome emotional abuse, trust issues, low self-esteem, and more—and how to use those experiences to create a life full of confidence, strength, and purpose.

We all have scars, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Scars are a part of our lives and what makes us who we are. They remind us of the experiences we've had and the people that we've lost, but they also remind us of how strong we can be. This book is full of lessons that will change your life for the better—and help you become a stronger person than ever before!


Reasons to Stay Alive By Matt Haig

Reasons to Stay Alive

It's hard to talk about depression and anxiety. It's even harder to write about it, especially when you're the one who has been there and back. But Matt Haig has done just that in his book Reasons to Stay Alive, a novel that looks at the author's experiences with depression and anxiety.

The book Reasons to Stay Alive is a novel by Matt Haig.It is one of those books that you must read in your life, not only because of its great content, but also because it reminds us that we are not alone. If you're struggling with depression, this book will help you feel like there's hope for the future. 

It will also remind you that your feelings are normal, and there are people who understand what you're going through and what it feels like to be in your shoes. It's a novel that talks about his experiences with depression and anxiety and it serves as a great reminder that you are not alone in what you're going through. The lessons in this book will help you see the ways to get through this dark time of your life.


The Mountain is You By Brianna Wiest

The Mountain is You

The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest is a book that will make you realize how knowing yourself before anything and anyone else is very important. This book will surely enlighten you about life and everything that comes along with it. It will help you realize how important it is to find your balance between what you want to do, what you are capable of doing and what others want from you, turning your self-sabotage into self appreciation. 

If you've ever wondered how to make sense of your life, or why some things just don't seem to go your way, this book is for you. This book is full of life lessons, realizations, and insights. If you're looking for a book that will enlighten you about life in general and everything that comes along with it, this is the perfect read for you!


A Gentle Reminder By Bianca Sparacino

A Gentle Reminder

Are you going through a breakup? Do you know for sure that your relationship is over? When you're going through heartbreak, it can feel like the world is falling apart around you. Your mind is racing, and your thoughts are jumbled in a way that makes it impossible to focus on anything but the pain of your broken heart. In Bianca Sparacino’s book, A Gentle Reminder, she writes about how to cope with heartbreak and get back on your feet again.

This book is filled with reminders that you must know, that you must always keep in mind—whether or not you're going through heartbreak right now. The reminders are gentle, but they are also powerful. These little tidbits of wisdom come at just the right time for anyone who needs them most.


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As you can see, there are many books that can help you heal this 2023. We've covered a wide range of topics, from depression and anxiety to loss, grief, and trauma. We've also included some more lighthearted, funny, and unique reads—there’s something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a quick escape or a deep dive into the mind of another person, there's a book out there that can help you feel better. Maybe it's fiction, maybe it's non-fiction, maybe it's poetry, maybe it's all of those things at once—we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for.

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