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An artist completely hesitant to  call herself an artist; we’re happy to introduce you to the work of Yuki (not her real name). Yuki is one of those types who blossomed late when it comes to art. She recalls how much she used to hate drawing that she would ask her tutors to do her art assignments for her. 


She never really started drawing until 2009, where her love for anime had brought a new love into her life; translating the characters into her own creations. She says she gets obsessed with things and completely pours her heart out with each piece she creates. 


All that focus certainly translates into her art. She makes sure that all her feelings are conveyed properly into each of her works, and to her, that is the only thing that will cause her satisfaction.


Eventually, she got known as that girl in class who draws. Her passion drove her to start drawing seriously when she was in college when one of her friends introduced her to Instagram. Not only did she not know about the existence of art accounts, she was completely baffled by the idea of creating an Instagram; which at the time she thought was reserved for the popular kids in class—which she was not. 


Not long after, her friend’s brother (who had been in the same class as her since elementary school) gave her a bunch of art supplies for her birthday. This was around the time their family had hit a financial crisis. She used this kniwledge to fuel her love for art. She started practicing and improving every single day so she would be able to open comissions to help woth her family’s debt. 


Drawing isn’t the only thing Yuki’s done for her love of anime, she also started writing stories/novels/fanfics and learning Japanese. She has participated in the NaNoWriMo once and won. She has since then written 10+ original novels and 20+ fanfictions since 2010. She is now currently working on a light novel project with three other friends that she hopes to be published by next year as the main writer. 


She also has a Japanese proficiency certificate and if she weren’t drawing, she reckons she’ll be working as a Japanese translator/instructor. But with everything else considered, she feels drawing is her biggest passion in drawing and that she’d like to do it for as long as she can.


Her spirit animal is a snake which describes her as being connected to a powerful life source. Her favorite color is turqoise but she also loves green, pink and purple.


Follow her on instagram @yukifrill



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