Reading Haven with our Bookish Angel

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Vivian of @bookish_angel is Idle’s longest running team member. She is our first rep and she still is our rep. She also handles the international forwarding of our parcels and orders. She runs her own online book shop, candle shop and bookmark shop.


She’s so dedicated to reading YA that the one thing that fills her heart with joy is seeing books on her feed and sharing her love of books with other people. She has been a part of the bookstagram community for 4 years now and she is still dedicated as ever. 


To attest to her love for YA, she believes that she would be writing her own book if she weren’t a part of the bookstagram community. Which you should still do Viv! 


Purple is the color she loves the most in the world it makes her scream OMG when she thinks about it. And she believes her spirit animal is a dragon. A purple dragon eh? That would be awesome. 


You can use he code: IDLEVIV10 to get 10% off your order.

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