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Melody of @melodlyltang is another one of our dedicated reps and another valued member of our team. She is a graphic designer by day and an absolutely lovely creative bookstagrammer the rest of the time at home. Bookstagram is something she uses to keep her creative juices flowing and allows her to experiment with photography in more ways than she expects.


Melody will have been a part of the bookstagram community for four years now this October! Which is absolutely great. With so many years in the community, she can only imagine herself not reading as much if she weren’t doing it (bookstagramming). Bookstagram has allowed her be comfortable in reading more YA and has really encouraged her to continue reading.


Of course Mel’s current favorite color is purple! She’s a very lovely person to be around and she just brings about an air of professionalism and just outright comfort wherever she goes. Much like her spirit animal; the otter. She’s joyful, hardworking and absolutely amazing. She is one of the amazing people behind Idle that makes all of your bookish needs come true.


You can use her discount code: MELODY10 for a 10% off discount on your order.

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