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Getting to Know Holly!

hollyheartsbooks Idle team


Holly of @hollyheartsbooks is one of our amazing reps who runs a BookTube with thousands of followers! She is a very dedicated part of our team and we couldn’t be happier to introduce you to her.


First off, I am really bad at asking questions so I thought what better question to start with than what her favorite color was. I knoooow wow. How creative right? But this was also something I was geniunely curious about. So, what is Holly’s favorite color? Much like seasons change, her favorite color changes in every cycle of her life. Right now it’s red. Will it still be red in 5 years? We’ll see.


Holly’s spirit animal is a unicorn. A freaking unicorn. I know, unicorns are so basic now right? But by the end of this post you’ll know that Holly is anything but basic. Truly, not one of our team members are basic. They are all lovely lovely creatures. Some, like Holly are not of this earth apparently and very much uncatchable. 


Holly has been creating content on YouTube since 2014 when she began her art channel Holly Hearts Art, by then she hadn’t found her passion in reading yet. But she did soon after and now it remains to be one of her biggest passions.


Holly is a very colorful and creative person and she has always felt like that. Which is why she always looks for outlets to express her creativity. Creating YouTube videos not only allows her to reach thousands of people with every video, it allows her to become an inspiration to others and help them as much as she can.


Like many others, Holly has been through multiple challenges in life and like the strong woman she is, she chooses to make that into an inspiration to be a beacon of light for others and her passions. 


You can support her by using her rep code: HOLLYHEARTS10



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