Getting Creepy with Juan

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Juan of @juanka_art is one of our art print/trading card artists. You might be familiar with his work on our Into the Woods crate art print. He specializes in creepier art versions that look great on tarot cards.


He loves to draw because of the fact that he can show in paper what’s on his mind. To him, this is the easiest way to express his creativity and his ideas which is amazing because they translate so well.


He has also been raised on art as he has been drawing since he started holding a pencil which has allowed him to improve his art style incredibly. Which is also probably why he doesn’t think he’d be doing anything interesting if he weren’t an artist. He lives for the art.


We haven’t been able to spend much time getting to know Juan since we can’t understand Spanish and he can’t speak english. Which is why Val translates for us. We are trying to learn Spanish in our free time to at least get to know Juan better he is of course a valued member of Idle and is very dedicated despite his busy work schedule. But from what we can see, his favorite color blue corresponds so well to him. He is most like an ocean, calm and deep and full of amazing things. 


He is also in the milotary from what you can see in his photo, which is probably why his spirit animal is a tiger! He is fierce and there is no stopping him. How awesome is that?


You can use his discount code: JUANART10 for a 10% off discount on your order.

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