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Val of @discordiapulpo is one of our favorite people ever. He is transgender, which is great and shouldn’t really be a big deal. You can do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. And this is something we’ve been telling Val over and over he is incredibly shy as well so he is one of the most adorable creatures you can ever work with.


One of the best reminders of him being an amazing human being is that he loves to draw to express himself as he is; to quote him, “terrible with words”. He loves to make stuff that makes other people smile or feel joy even for just a little bit. Which is why we love to hear reviews because he seriously needs to realize how great his work is.


Val is one of those people who grew up with art. He’s been drawing since he could hold a pencil but it was when he was around 6 years old that he started making characters and comics about them and really learning about art. It’s funny how he feels so old saying that he could probably say he’s been drawing for 17 years now.


Val is also such a creative soul that he has his passions extended to makeup and fashion design. This is what he thinks he’d be doing if he weren’t drawing. Which is just another creative outlet for his inner artist.


Much like other artists, he loves all colors because well, they are great. But his most favorite color is pink. The color of bubblegum and cotton candy. Isn’t that sweet? He’s also so much like a cat that he gets told he acts like a cat a lot. Probably because he’s cranky and needs a lot of sleep to function. Us too Val, us too.


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